Silver Fox Plug'N'Play Thermal Printer

Silver FoxSilver Fox Plug'N'Play Thermal Printer

Cable Labels & Cable Markers

Silver Fox Thermal Cable Labels


Silver Fox DTP-1 ‘Plug’N’Play’ thermal printer is ideal for printing large or small volumes of cable labels and cable markers.

Silver fox Fox in a Box Labelling KitPrint the following Silver Fox thermal label types using the Plug'N'Play thermal printer :

  • Tie-on cable labels
  • Standard heatshrink cable labels
  • Non-shrink tubing cable labels
  • 2-part labelling system labels
  • Wrap-around cable labels


The Silver Fox Labacus Innovator Advanced, Professional and Professional Satellite softwares include built-in printer drivers for your convenience.


  • Network Rail & London Underground Approved Cable Labels 

 LU London UndergroundNR Network Rail

Silver Fox : Tie-on, Low Smoke Zero Halogen, Heatshrink Tubing, Nonshrink Tubing, 2-Part & Flag Type Cable Labels for power, instrumentation, control, telecoms, data and fibre cable labelling.

Silver Fox Cable Labels


Video: Silver Fox Cable Markers & Cable Labels - Laser & Thermal

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Silver Fox Plug'N'Play Thermal Printer