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Silver Fox equipment labels offers the ideal solution for a fast, efficient and reliable method of labelling.

The Silver Fox equipment labels are available in a range of materials and sizes and are easy to produce using the Silver Fox Labacus label printing software.

Silver Fox Equipment labels - General/Faceplate, Patch Panel - Laser

The Labacus software allows you to import your data from Excel or other standard packages, with a choice of pre-configured templates, plus powerful design features to allow you to customise labels to your exact requirements.

Silver Fox Laser Equipment Labels

  • Patch Panel Labels - Self-Adhesive
  • Faceplate/General Labels - Self Adhesive or Non-Adhesive
  • Cabinet Labels - Self-Adhesive
  • Wiring/Connector Labels- Non-Adhesive

Silver Fox are market leading manufacturers of cable, pipe and valve marking and labelling solutions for Energy, Electrical, Instrumentation, Data and Telecommunications markets worldwide.

Silver Fox cabinet Labels

Legend 2-Part Wire Marking - Laser

  • Network Rail & London Underground Approved Cable Labels 

 LU London UndergroundNR Network Rail

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