WT Henley Mechanical Connectors

WT Henley

Mechanical Shearbolt Connectors & Cable Lugs - LV



WT Henley straight through and parallel branch mechanical connectors for jointing copper and aluminium conductors, 600/1000 volts. WT Henley mechanical connectors are compatible with WT Henley, Prysmian, CTL, Birkett, ISP and 3M resin cable joints.


Straight Through Mechanical Connectors up to 300sqmm

  • Quick, clean and simple conductor jointing without resort to crimp tools
  • No heat shrinking or solder flux required for cable jointing
  • Precise control of critical contact is built-in for reliable connections
  • High conductivity and compatible with cross linked polymer cables

Mechanical connectors are installed with a 17mm spanner - all mechanical connectors are tested to IEC Document 91/28490.

Parallel Branch Mechanical Connectors up to 300sqmm

  • Aluminium alloy mechanical connectors 
  • Removable bridge piece allows easy insertion of cable conductors
  • Shearbolts pre-lubricated with low friction coating to reduce thread drag

Also - Mechanical Connectors for High Voltage Cable Jointing up to 33kV

Adobe Mechanical Connectors - WT Henley Straight Through & Parallel Branch Mechanical Connectors