Salisbury Pro-Wear Arc Flash Protection Coats 8 - 100cal/cm²

Salisbury Arc Flash Protection ClothingSalisbury Pro-Wear Arc Flash Protection Clothing

Salisbury Arc Flash Protection Clothing

8 cal/cm² to 100cal/cm²


Salisbury Pro-Hood arc flash protection coats have ATPV ratings of 8 cal/cm², 12 cal/cm², 20 cal/cm², 31 cal/cm², 40 cal/cm², 55 cal/cm², 75 cal/cm² and 100 cal/cm². 

Salisbury arc flash coats of 8 cal/cm² to 75 cal/cm² are made from arc flash resistant material. Salisbury 100 cal/cm² ard flash coats are made from Tuffweld and Q/9 material layers.

Pictured: Salisbury Pro-Wear Arc Flash Protection Coats 8 - 100cal/cm²

Salisbury Pro-Wear Arc Flash Coats

Salisbury Pro-Wear Arc Flash Protection Coat Features:

  • Pro-Wear coats are sewn with Nomax thread
  • 32" Long
  • Nomex wristlets
  • Expansion back on the arc flash coat for added comfort
  • Dual stage front closure with high temperature plastic zipper on the 31 cal/cm² - 100 cal/cm² coats
  • Arc rated hook and pile storm flap
  • Salisbury Coats are intended to be used with Salisbury Pro-Hood arc flash hoods
  • Meets current ASTM F1506 and NFPA 70E standards
  • Coat Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL
  • Available in orange upon request

NOTE Garments that have received CE 1020 certification will be marked accordingly


Salisbury Pro-Wear Arc Flash Protection Coat Specifications

Pro-Wear Coat Product Number Cal/cm² Coat Colour
Salisbury ACC832BL 8 cal/cm² Navy Blue
Salisbury ACC1132BL 12 cal/cm² Navy Blue
Salisbury ACC2032BL 20 cal/cm² Navy Blue
Salisbury ACC3132BL 31 cal/cm² Royal Blue
Salisbury ACC4032GY 40 cal/cm² Grey
Salisbury ACC4032PLT 40 cal/cm² Green (Premium Lightweight)
Salisbury ACC5532GY* 55 cal/cm² Grey
Salisbury ACC7532GY* 75 cal/cm² Grey
Salisbury ACC10032TW* 100 cal/cm² Khaki


*IMPORTANT: NFPA 70E Does not have a hazard risk category above 40 cal/cm². Working on levels above 40 cal/cm² should be avoided because of the blast hazards caused by arc flash.

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Salisbury Pro-Wear Arc Flash Protection Coats 8 - 100cal/cm²