Salisbury Voltage Detector Kits

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Salisbury Voltage Detector Kits

Electrical Shock Protection


Salisbury self-testing voltage detector kits are used to verify live or de-energised conductors. Salisbury voltage detectors may be used with insulating rubber gloves or hot sticks using the splined universal end fitting. These voltage detectors indicate voltage with a bright LED light and an audible signal. 

Personal Protective Equipment can be minimized by confirming there is no electrical hazard present before work is performed. Checking for a present electrical hazard can be determined by using the Salisbury voltage detector attached to an insulating hot stick of a length long enough to keep the worker outside the arc flash boundary. 

Salisbury self-testing voltage detector alarms in the proximity of electric fields, meaning it is not necessary to make physical contact with the equipment being checked. The voltage detectors are made of non-conductive materials which means that the detector will not conduct electricity or cause an arc flash. 

Pictured: Salisbury Voltage Detector Kits

Salisbury Self-Testing Voltage Detector - Electrical Shock Protection

Salisbury Self-Testing Voltage Detector Kit Specifications

Salisbury Product Number Salisbury Voltage Detector Kit Contents
Salisbury 4556 1-4544 Detector 240V to 230kV, 1-21517 Case,1-2500 Clampstick Adapater
Salisbury 4667 1-4644 Detector 250V to 500kV, 1-21517 Case,1-2500 Clampstick Adapter
Salisbury 4769 1-4744 Detector 240V 60 69kV, w/URD test pointing setting 15kV, 25kV, 35kV 1-21517 Case, 1-2500 Clampstick Adapter


Salisbury Voltage Detector Kits - Electrical Shock Protection

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