Prysmian Resin Wrap Cable Joints (Pilot & Telephone) - 15kV Induced Voltage Withstand

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Prysmian Pilot Cable Joints 

Auxiliary Multi-Core & Multi-Pair

Pilot Cables - ESI09-6


Prysmian resin wrap straight joints are specified for the jointing of auxiliary multi-core and multi-pair pilot cables to ESI Standard 09-6 - this includes pilot core cables (7, 19, 37 core) and telephone pair cables (7, 19, 37, 61 pair), jelly filled and unfilled, non-armoured or with steel wire armour (SWA).

Prysmian cable joints are suitable for jointing cables laid underground or in tunnels. Prysmian resin wrap straight joints meet the requirements of C64 standard and type test PG72 with 15kV withstand voltage.

Prysmian Low Voltage Resin Wrap Cable Joints - Benefits

  • PIB Self-Amalgamating Tape - provides electrical strength
  • PVC Tape - applied with 50% overlap over the aluminium envelope
  • Hose Clip - secures the cable armour wires around copper bonding liner
  • Aluminium Foil Envelope - filled with resin and wrapped around the cable joint
  • Heat Shrink Sleeve - positioned centrally over the cable crimp ferrule
  • Rigid Polyethylene Mesh - wrapped around the cable jointed wires
  • Resin - provides insulation and mechanical protection around the cores
  • Sleeve - provides impact protection to cable joint
  • Resin Wrap - resin impregnation provides electrical protection to cable joint

Pictured : Copper Concentric Cable (15kV Induced Voltage). Jelly Filled Cable Cores, Inner PE Sheath, Steel Wire Armour With Compound & PVC Outer Sheath. Image : Draka.

Prysmian Cable Joints 15kV

Prysmian low voltage resin wrap cable joints provide 5kV to 15kV dc induced voltage withstand for 1 minute and are approved by most UK regional electricity companies for jointing up to 100 pair pilot and telephone cables. 

Prysmian cable joints ordering details - information should include full cable details, number of pairs, withstand voltage type, conductor size, filled or unfilled cable.


Cable Joints - Withstand Voltage

  • Less than 5kV (Normal) 7.5kV d.c. for 1 minute
  • 5kV - 15kV (High) 15kV d.c. for 1 minute
  • Withstand Voltage (Normal/High) refers to the voltage tested between conductors

Adobe CE Electric - Telephone & Pilot Cable Joints Tech Specification

Adobe Prysmian Cable Joints, Resin Wrap, Pilot & Telephone Cable Joints - 15kV Voltage Withstand

Adobe Prysmian Pilot Cables 5kV-15kV

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Prysmian Resin Wrap Cable Joints (Pilot & Telephone) - 15kV Induced Voltage Withstand