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Prysmian MPJ4


Prysmian MPJ4 Resin Cable Jointing Kit - LV Straight Joint Kit

Prysmian LV Straight Joint suits 600/1000v Polymeric Insulated, Copper Conductors, SWA Cables to BS6346, BS5467 and IEC502.

Prysmian MPJ4 Resin Straight Cable Joint Kit

  • Up to 2 Core 95sqmm
  • Up to 3 Core 70sqmm
  • Up to 4 Core 50sqmm
  • Minimum Cable OD 28mm
  • Maximum Cable OD 50mm
  • Prysmian Crimp Connector Ref BERS


Pictured : Prysmian MPJ4 Cable Joint

Prysmian MPJ Cast Resin Straight Joints


Prysmian Jointing Kit MPJ4 - Joint Kit List

  • Polyurethane cable jointing resin (BICAST)
  • Armour bonds (SWA)
  • MPJ1, MPJ2, MPJ3, MPJ4 - injection moulded cable joint shells
  • MPJ5, MPJ6, MPJ7, MPJ8 - high impact styrene shells (HIPS)
  • Crimps connectors excluded - Prysmian or Cembre crimps sold seperately

Prysmian MPJ4 cast resin straight joints are the ideal method for jointing polymeric industrial power cables where crimped connectors are required - cable joint does not accomodate crossed core (phase to phase) jointing.

Adobe Prysmian Cable Jointing Kit (Resin Cast BICAST ) - Prysmian MPJ4

Adobe Prysmian Cable Jointing Kit (Resin Cast JEM ) - Prysmian MPJEM4

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Prysmian Cable Jointing Kit MPJ4