3M Scotchcast Low Voltage LV Resin Branch Cable Joints

3M 3M Scotchcast Low Voltage Cable Joints 3M Scotchcast Low Voltage LV Resin Branch Cable Joints



3M Scotchcast Low Voltage LV Branch Resin Cable Joints represent a new generation of LV cable jointing products that are unique in the electrical contracting sector.

3M branch cable joints are designed to make the cable jointing installation process simpler and safer ; saving time and money for the cable jointing contractor while maintaining the level of quality and reliability customers have come to expect from 3M Scotchcast jointing kits.

3M low voltage resin branch cable joint kits are suitable for jointing XLPE, EPR, PVC and PILC power cables in industrial and hazardous areas. 

3M branch cable joints are available as either T type or Y type design cable joint shells.

Pictured: 3M Scotchcast Low Voltage LV Resin Branch Cable Joints 

3M Scotchcast Low Voltage LV Resin Branch Cable Joints

3M one part branch cable joint mould body construction has a unique top seal and fixing clips enabling a simpler installation process with no need for extra taping and a reduced chance of resin leakage.

The range taking foam seals at each end of the joint mould body eliminates the need for sawing and taping.

The fully integrated resin cable joint delivery system significantly reduces the chances of resin wastage, skin contact and vapour inhalation.

3M Scotchcast Low Voltage LV Resin Branch Cable Joints Kits

  • One part cable joint mould construction - quick simple installation
  • Top seal and fixing clips - reduced chance of resin leakage from joint shell
  • Range taking foam seals - no taping or sawing
  • Fully integrated resin joint delivery - safer, cleaner installation of cable joints
  • Complete with 3M Scotchcast premium 2 part cable joint resin
  • Branch cable joints rated up to and including 1.9/3.3kV

Product Description

3M Scotchcast resin T-branch and Y-branch joint kit will be delivered with two part (upper and lower) transparent cable joint mould shelves for simple and easy handling.

Distances inside the cable joint body can be checked easily. All necessary dimensions, like application range, cable preparation are given in the detailed cable joint kit instruction.

The three foam sealing elements can be adapted to the required cable diameter by removing the pre-cut adapter rings.

Scotchcast resin 40 is delivered in two chamber bag with integrated spout and aluminium guard bag for protection against humidity.

The re-openable seam and integrated spout with a membrane does provide a Closed, Mixing and Pouring branch cable jointing system. After the seam of the two chamber bag was opened, the resin components can be mixed.

To pour the resin into the mould body, the spout shall be connected with the dome by turning for 180°. While turning, the membrane is cut open to pour the resin.

The Closed Mixing and Pouring System does provide resin handling without any skin contact. For protection against pollution, a closure cap is applied onto the dome.

After curing, the remaining resin in the bag can be disposed as house waste.

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Adobe 3M Scotchcast Branch LV Low Voltage Y Cable Joints

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