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Polypipe Cable DuctingPolypipe - Motorway Communications Cable Duct

Polypipe Cable Ducting

T&D Distribute and stock Polypipe's full range of motorway cable protection systems including Ridgiduct, Ridgicoil cable ducting and Comtite cable protection plugs.

Pictured: Polypipe Ridgiduct Motorway Comms Cable Duct

Polypipe Motorway Communications Cable Duct

Polypipe's motorway cable ducting is lighter in weight with longer lengths available to minimise joints and the risk of water ingress.

All motorway comms products conform to the Highways Agency Specification standards for strength and performance and are available in purple for use in England and black for use in Scotland.

T&D and Polypipe Cable Ducting

Under agreement with Polypipe, T&D provide a nationwide delivery service for Polypipe Cable Duct via a network of 15 stocking depots.

This includes Polpypipe Ridgiduct Class 1 and Class 2 power cable duct for low voltage (LV) and high voltage (HV) cables up to 33kV, including 11kV Triplex Cables.

Polypipe Ridgiduct power cable duct meets ENATS 12-24 (ESI) for underground cable protection – rail, street lighting, fibre optic, motorway comms, PV solar and utility cable ducts for waveform cable are available from stock.

High voltage cable duct for 66kV, 132kV and 275kV cable is also available to provide underground cable ducting for associated pilot, telephone and fibre optic cables for UK DNO’s and contractors.

Ridgiduct & Ridgicoil Polypipe Motorway Comms Cable Duct - Product Range
Polypipe Ridgiduct Part Ref Inner Duct Diameter Duct Length Pack QTY
RB94X6PMCPPE 94mm 6m 95
RB100X6PMCPPE 100mm 6m 85
RB150X6PMCPPE* 150mm 6m 36
Polypipe Ridgicoil Part Ref Outer Duct Diameter Inner Duct Diameter Length
RC63X50PMCP 63mm 50mm 50m
RC110X50PMCP 110mm 94mm 50m


Comtite Polypipe Cable Duct Seal - Product Range
Part Ref Description Pack QTY
DP94* 94mm Plug 40
DP100* 100mm Plug 40
DPG0* Blanking Grommet with Rope Attachment Point 10
DPG9* 9mm Grommet 10
DPG12* 12mm Grommet 10
DPG14* 14mm Grommet 10
DPG16* 16mm Grommet 10
DPG18* 18mm Grommet 10
DPG21* 21mm Grommet 10
DPG24* 24mm Grommet 10
DPG27* 27mm Grommet 10
DPG9X4* 4 x 9mm Grommet 10
DPG9X7* 7 x 9mm Grommet 10

(*Items are made to order and are subject to lead times.)

4 grommets required per plug. In order to achieve a sealed plug, use a blanking grommet where cable grommet is not required. Patent pending.

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