Plymouth Mining Electrical Tapes

Plymouth Mining Electrical Tapes

MSHA Approved Mining Tapes

US Mine Safety & Health Administration

Plymouth Mining Electrical Tapes are available for a variety ofPlymouth Bishop Tapes For Mining Cables applications such as Jacketing and Insulating Tapes, Trailing Cable Splice Kits, High Voltage Splice and Termination Kits, Cable Repair Tape and Special Items.

Plymouth mining repair tapes provide flame resistance, fire resistance and abrasion resistance cable jacket repairs to mining cables. Plymouth GLF Trailing Cable Splices are used to create full or partial cable splices on single or multi-conductor portable mining cables, 600V-5kV.

Plymouth mining product ranges also include High Voltage Cable Splice and Termination Kits for splicing, jointing and terminating mining cables up to 15kV, this includes mine power feeder cables.

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