Pfisterer Sicon Connectors with Network Rail Approval

Pfisterer Sicon ConnectorsPfisterer Sicon

Pfisterer Sicon Connectors with Network Rail Approval

Cable & Track Connectors

Network Rail

Pfisterer Sicon mechanical shearbolt connectors (cable lugs and cable splices) carry Network Rail approval for use on AC networks.

Pfisterer Sicon mechanical connectors replace bond leads, aluminium and bi-metallic connectors for reliable aluminium and copper cable connections. 

Also included : Pfisterer Sicon Power Feed, Rectifier Connectors, Busbar Connectors, Hook Switch Connectors, Conductor Rail Connectors, Through Splices and Lug Connectors (Centralised Palms).

Pfisterer Sicon shearbolt mechanical cable connectors are suitable for straight through polymeric, transition (oil stop type) and branch connections, 10-1000sqmm, 600/100 volts, 11kV, 33kV, 66kV.

Pfisterer Sicon shearbolt mechanical cable connectors permit fast and simplified connection of heat or cold shrink cable terminations to electrical equipment, 10-630sqmm up to 33kV.

No crimping tools, no die sets needed - install in seconds with a spanner.

Pfisterer Sicon Shearbolt Mechanical Cable Connectors

Network Rail PADS Approved Cable Connectors

  • 332593010 (PADS 054/010281) Mechanical Straight Connectors 25-150sqmm
  • 332592010 (PADS 054/010282) Mechanical Straight Connectors 50-240sqmm
  • 332599010 (PADS 054/039337) Lug Connectors 25-150sqmm
  • 332595010 (PADS 054/039338) Lug Connectors 50-240sqmm
  • 332601010 (PADS 054/212155) Mechanical Straight Connector 10-95sqmm
  • 332602010 (PADS 054/212156) Mechanical Straight Connector 95-300sqmm
  • 332604010 (PADS 054/212161) Cable Lug Connector 10-95sqmm
  • 332595011 (PADS 054/212162) Cable Lug Connector 50-240sqmm
  • 332605010 (PADS 054/212163) Cable Lug Connector 95-300sqmm
  • 332605011 (PADS 054/212164) Cable Lug Connector 95-300sqmm

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Adobe Pfisterer Sicon Connectors with Network Rail Approval

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Pfisterer Sicon Connectors with Network Rail Approval