Panduit Lockout Tagout - Multiple Lockout

Panduit Lock Out Tag Out Electrical SafetyPanduit Lockout Tagout for Electrical Safety

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Lockout Tagout - Multiple Lockout

Panduit Multiple Lockout device performs a variety of lockout functions: 

  • Lockout single or multiple disconnects
  • Lockout gate valves
  • Lockout of large electrical equipment

Panduit Multiple Lockout


The Panduit multiple lockout can be used alone as a lockout hasp or with provided cable to lock out a range o felectrical applications. Panduit lockout devices are compact and easy to install made from rugged polycarbonate and stainless steel providing strength, durability, added electrical security and corrosion resistance.


Panduit lockout tagout electrical safety equipment products include cable lockout, electrical isolation lockout, lockout safety padlocks, lockout kits, ball valve lockout, lockout stations, lockout key boxes, lockout tags and hasps to improve industrial plant electrical safety.

Panduit Multiple Lockout Tagout - Safety Product Range


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