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Marechal DSN Plugs & SocketsMarechal Plugs & Sockets

Marechal DSN Decontactors

Plug & Socket with Integral Load-Break Isolating Switch 

Marechal plugs and sockets (decontactors) are used to supply electric pumps and motors for water treatment and purification applications.

Marechal DSN decontactors are used to connect power to cochlea motors, submersible pumps and mixers enabling workers to safely make and break electrical connections under full load.

Marechal DSN plugs and sockets are extensively specified on water, sewage and waste treatment projects.

Marechals decontactor sockets feature an integral switch producing a load make and break design. When connected to a pump the engineer can disconnect safely simply by pressing the button creating visible isolation.

Marechal DSN1 Plugs & Sockets Decontactor
Typical water utility industry applications for Marechal plugs and sockets : pumps, mixers, aerators, portable motor control centres, macerators, compressors, plant lift stations, grinders, sludge processors and generators. 

Submersible Pumps & Mixers - Marechal Plugs Spotlight Application

Submersible pumps and mixers are used throughout a typical wastewater treatment plant as well as at remote lift stations - when used to connect LV power to submersible pumps or mixers Marechal plugs offer the following benefits :

  • Safety - workers can safely make and break electrical connections under full load, the Marechal dead front prevents access to live parts.
  • Easy Equipment Replacement - workers can break the power, service or replace the pump/mixer and reconnect power. 
  • Low Costs - Marechal plugs are UL, CSA and IEC switch rated - the Marechal decontactor design provides a socket, switch and isolator all in one.
  • Design & Installation Simplicity - no need to locate and install auxiliary disconnect switches or mechanical interlocks.
  • Long Life - Marechal plugs are made from robust materials to resist harsh environments, including Zones 1, 2 21 and 22 hazardous areas (ATEX certified plugs).

Marechal Plugs, Sockets, Decontactors - Water

Specification  Marechal DSN1 Marechal DSN3 Marechal DSN6
Rated Current (ln) 20A 32A 63A
Umax 500V 690V 1,000V
AC-22 Switching Capacity 20A / 500V 32A / 690V 50A  / 690V
AC-23 Switching Capacity 20A / 400V 32A / 400V 63A / 400V
Auxiliary Contacts (Optional) - 2 4
Keying Positions (To distinguish between different power supplies & applications) 24 24 24
Ambient Temperature -40ºC to +60ºC -40ºC to +60ºC -40ºC to +60ºC
Short Circuit Current lcc 10kA 10kA 10kA

Marechal DSN Plugs & Sockets Water Application

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