SIBA Traction DC Fuses

SIBA URDC DC fuses are available for use on traction, battery and railway circuit applications - traction fuses are designed for heavy duty circuit protection to following standards UIC550, IEC60269 and VDE 0636-40.

DC Application / Traction FuseSIBA Fuses
Class: gR/aR fuses
Voltage rating: DC 660 V – DC 5000 V
Current rating: 6 A to 800 A
Standards: UIC 550
IEC 60269-4
DIN VDE 0636-40

SIBA DC fuses are offered in clip-mounted and bolt-design. SIBA fuses are used for applications in traction, battery, and railway main circuits - widely used for the protection of frequency-inverters.

Designed for heavy duty applications
Shock and vibration proof
Fuse types with additional microswitches
Developed according customers specification
Individual tested time constants
Designed for long lasting live under severe service conditions

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