Elastimold Connectors Tee Connectors (Dead Break) 700 Series, up to 1250A 33kV

ElastimoldElastimold Connectors

Interface E

Elastimold 750LR  775LR

Separable Elbow Connectors

700 Series Bushings, 5/8" M16 Bolted, 800amps -1250amps 11-33kV


Elastimold 700 series screened separable connectors are EPDM pre-moulded, high voltage cableElastimold Connectors terminations for 6.6kV, 11kV, 15kV, 24kV and 33kV high voltage electrical equipment including switchgear, transformers and motors.

Elastimold 700 series separable connectors include bolted tee connectors and equipment bushings for oil insulated high voltage electrical equipment (transformers, switchgear, capacitors), 800A and 1250A up to 33kV - Elastimold 700 series bushings are moulded epoxy in accordance with ANSI/IEEE 386 standard (5/8" threading system).

T&D UK with the support of Elastimold provide installation training and certification for experienced high voltage cable jointers up to 33kV.

T&D distribute the complete range of Elastimold HV cable bushings, screened separable connectors, cable joints and cable terminations in both heat shrink and cold shrink for high voltage systems.

Elastimold Connectors


Adobe Elastimold 1250A 11kV Bolted Tee Connectors 70-800sqmm - 775LR

Adobe Elastimold 1250A 24kV Bolted Tee Connectors 35-630sqmm - K775LR

Adobe Elastimold 1250A 33kV Bolted Tee Connectors 35-630sqmm - M775LR

Adobe Elastimold 800A 11kV Bolted Tee Connectors 70-630sqmm - 750LR

Adobe Elastimold 800A 24kV Bolted Tee Connectors 35-630sqmm - K750LR

Adobe Elastimold 800A 33kV Bolted Tee Connectors 35-630sqmm - M750LR

Adobe Elastimold HV Oil Insulated Bushing 750S1, 775S1, 775T1

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Adobe Type E - 800A 1250A Interface ANSI / IEEE 386 - Elastimold Connectors

Adobe Elastimold Screened Separable Connectors - Technical

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