Airfield Ground Lighting Cable Joints

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Airfield Ground Lighting Cable Joints


3M Scotchcast 82A airfield lighting cable joints are designed for 5kV single core screened primary circuit and 1000 volt secondary circuit cables for connections between transformers and lamps.

Primary series circuit cables are used in AGL series circuits to connect the constant current regulator to the primary windings of the series transformers.

Pictured: Airfield Ground Lighting Cable Joints

Airfield Ground Lighting Cable Joints

3M epoxy cable joints include No 4 Scotchcast resin suitable for high humidity and wet areas - approved by DOE (Department of the Environment).

3M 82A resin cable joints are suitable for XLPE, PVC and PE  airfield lighting cables including duct, trench or direct burial jointing installations.

SPS airfield lighting heat shrink joint kits are DOE approved for military and civilian airfields.

Airfield Ground Lighting Cable Joints - Product Range
Nominal Conductor Area Kit Ref Cable Diameter Minimum Cable Diameter Maximum
6mm² 82-A1 6mm 16mm
10mm² 82-A1 6mm 16mm
16mm² 82-A1 6mm 16mm
25mm² 82-A2 16mm 25mm
35mm² 82-A2 16mm 25mm
50mm² 82-A2 16mm 25mm
70mm² 82-A3 25mm 36mm
95mm² 82-A3 25mm 36mm
120mm² 82-A3 25mm 36mm


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Adobe 3M Heat & Cold Shrink Airfield Ground Lighting Joints