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CATU Flocked Composite Insulating Gloves

Class 00, 0, 1, 2 - Conforms to EN60903:2003 & IEC60903:2002

Insulating gloves are to protect a LV-HV worker against electrocution whilst working in a potentially hazardous situation - the most common insulating glove material is natural latex.

Pictured: CATU Flocked Composite Insulating Gloves​

CATU Flocked Composite Insulating Gloves

Latex insulating gloves protect against electrocution but a leather overglove or glove protector is always obligatory as latex gloves are potentially easily damaged and punctured by a mechanical hazard.

For comfort a cotton inner glove is often required - this means potentially a LV-HV worker is required to wear 3 pairs of gloves each time he carries out an operation.

Composite GlovesCATU flocked composite insulating gloves offer the same dielectric protection as latex gloves but they also offer mechanical protection and carry the IEC “hammer & anvil” symbol indicating this property. This means a leather overglove is not required.

The inner layer of the composite gloves is “tissued” for comfort eliminating the requirement for a cotton inner glove - no need for "layering-up" prior to carrying out low-high voltage electrical maintenance.

This means a worker only needs to wear 1 pair of gloves to carry out an operation safely.

Pictured: Long composite gloves are also available for insulating the hand and arm.

CATU Long Composite Insulating Gloves

Simpler for the worker and much simpler to manage by the employer thus reducing potential death or injury by incorrect use of insulating gloves.

CATU flocked composite insulating gloves also offer arc flash protection with an APTV rating of 55cal/cm² - CATU Class 1 composite gloves are UK Power Networks (EDF Energy) approved. 

CATU Flocked Composite Insulating Gloves​​ - Specification

Part Number Class Voltage Maximum Thickness Category Total Length Weight
CATU CG-02-(*) 00 ≤ 500V 1.8mm RC 360mm 300g
CATU CG-12-(*) 0 ≤ 1000V 2.3mm RC 360mm 350g
CATU CG-16-(**) 1 ≤ 7500V 2.8mm RC 410mm 580g
CATU CG-22-(**) 2 ≤ 17000V 3.3mm RC 410mm 620g


(* Complete by size codes A-D, ** Complete by size codes B-D A=8, B=9, C=10, D=11)

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