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Long Handled Digging Tools


The range of Jafco long handled insulated tools includes Grafters, Drainers, Rabbitting spades and GPO Rabbitting Spades and are designed for deep and restricted excavations and difficult ground condtions where wear is heavy - insulated tools are used by street lighting, highway works and fencing contractors.

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Insulated Tools (Jafco) - Long Handled Digging Tools

Heavy duty versions of the Newcastle Drainer, Grafter and Rabbiting Spade insulated tools are also available.

The heavy duty insulated tools have a larger diameter shaft and heavy duty super-socket welded to the blade increasing strength and impact performance.

All long handled insulated tools are electrically tested to BS3388 and have solid NUPLAGLAS shafts.

Long Handled Insulated Tools - The Range

  • Newcastle Drainer insulated tools
  • Heavy duty Newcastle Drainer insulated tools
  • Grafter insulated tools
  • Heavy duty Grafter insulated tools
  • Rabbiting spade insulated tools
  • GPO rabbiting spade insulated tools

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Jafco Tools - Long Handled Digging Tools