Insulated Cable Cutters & Cutting Tools - Cembre

Insulated Cable Cutters & Cutting Tools - CembreInsulated Tools - IEC60900

Cembre Insulated Hydraulic Cable Cutters

 Low Voltage LV Cable Jointing & Live Line Working

Cembre insulated hydraulic cable cutters provide protection against short circuit when cutting accidentally live low and high voltage power cables up to 33kV. Cembre insulated hydraulic cable cutting heads cut steel wire armoured (SWA) and lead sheathed (PILC) cables.

Cembre tools provide operator protection to cable jointers, overhead linesmen and electrical engineers against accidental cutting of live cables - Cembre insulated cable cutting tool sets have been developed to provide protection against accidental short-circuit when cutting live copper or aluminium cables in accordance with VDE 0105 Part 1 (07.83), Paragraph 9.6.4.

Pictured: Cembre Insulated Cable Cutters & Cutting Tools 

Insulated Cable Cutters & Cutting Tools - Cembre

Each Cembre cable cutting tool comprises a cutting head, connected by a non-conductive hose, to an hydraulic foot pump - cable cutting equipment tested to EN 50340. 

Cembre insulated cable cutting tools are approved to BS EN50340 standard covering the use of hydraulic cable cutting tools to be used on electrical installations with nominal voltage up to AC 30kV.

Cembre tools for LV-HV cable cutting of armoured (SWA), braided (SWB) and unarmoured cables with copper or aluminium conductors - this includes manual, ratchet and hydraulic cable cutters and cutting tools.

Cembre cable cutting tools are always the first choice of the electrical contractor and cable jointer for ease of use, reliability and versatility.

Also : Cembre Insulated Crimping Tools to protect cable jointers and electrical engineers against brush contact with live energised conductors when crimping lugs and connectors.

Cembre CP1120-W-1000-KV Hydraulic Cable Cutting Unit

Will cut up to 400sqmm 4 core SWA. Cembre pump and cutting unit are rated up to 60kV. Cembre CP1120-W-1000-KV hydraulic cutting unit is supplied with a 10m hose with a quick coupling to the pump unit. Cembre VAL CP096-W metal storage box is supplied with the CP1120-W-1000-KV. The Cembre CP1120-W-1000-KV cutting tool has a 1 year warranty.

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