Insulated Saw for Cutting Cables with Steel Wire Armour (SWA)

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Insulated Tools - IEC60900 

IEC60900 Insulated Tools



Insulated Cutting Tools for cutting cable with SWA (Steel Wire Armour)

  • Blade Length 150mm (6")
  • Order Code - ITL 03060


Insulated Tool Sets For Cable JointersInsulated Tools

The tools are insulated by injection moulding with material Nylon 11 - this means insulated tools can be used in Live Line conditions by Line Line Engineers.


Insulated tools comply to International Standard IEC 60900 : 2004, which states all tools must be able to pass an electrical test of 10,000 volts for 3 minutes submerged in water.

Insulated tools are also Category "C" approved - tools can withstand impact after being taken down to Minus 40 Degrees Celsius for a minimum period of 2 hours, the new requirement for live working tools in extreme cold climates.

Insulated tools sets are available for low voltage cable jointers.

Video : Insulated Tools - Nylon 11 Injection Moulded vs PVC Dipped Tools

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Insulated Saw for Cutting Cables with Steel Wire Armour (SWA)