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SPS TMI Thick Wall Heat Shrink Tubing

SPS thick wall heat shrink tubing provides excellent electrical insulation to low and high voltage cables, joints and terminations - thick wall heat shrink tubing is suitable for exposed, underground direct buried and underwater applications.

SPS TMI thick wall heat shrink tubing features an adhesive lining for superior moisture ingress protection and sealing.

SPS Thick Wall Heat Shrink Tubing Dimensions Table

SPS Part Number Heat Shrink Range Tube Wall Thickness Full Recovery
TMI 9-3 3-9mm 2.0mm
TMI 13-4 4-13mm 2.5mm
TMI 22-6  6-22mm 2.5mm
TMI 33-8 8-33mm 3.2mm
TMI 45-12  12-45mmv 4.1mm 
TMI 55-16 16-55mm 4.1mm 
TMI 75-22  22-75mm  4.1mm 
TMI 95-29 29-95mm 4.1mm 
TMI 130-36  36-130mm 4.3mm 
TMI 160-55 55-160mm 4.3mm 
TMI 200-65 65-200mm  4.3mm 


SPS Thick Wall Heat Shrink Tubing Product Testing Results

Property Test Method Performance
Tensile Strength ASTM D638  14.0MPA
Ultimate Elongation  ISO 37 >400% 
Operating Temperature  IEC 216  -55 0C to +110 0C
Min Shrink Temperature --- 120ºC
Longitudinal Change UL 224  ± 10% 
Specific Gravity ISO/R1183 1.1
Dielectric Strength  IEC 243 >20kV/mm 
Elongation after Heat Ageing ISO 37  (168 hrs at 150ºC) >300% 
Heat Shock ASTM D2671 (4 hrs at 225ºC)  No dripping, flowing  or cracking 
Low Temperature Flexibility ASTM D1693 (4 hrs at 55ºC) No cracking or splitting 
Water Absorbtion  ISO 62  <0.15%
Fluid Resistance Various Fluids ISO 1817, ISO 37 MIL-1-23053 Good to excellent


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Heat Shrink Tube - Thick Wall