Busbar Heat Shrink Tubing 11kV-33kV - SPS BTT75/30

Busbar Tubing
Heat Shrink Insulation for High Voltage HV Busbars

SPS BTT  are red coloured,  high voltage, thick walled, heat shrink tubes installed onto HV busbars to provide insulation at 6.6kV, 11kV, 15kV, 17.5kV, 24kV and 33kV. The high voltage insulation value of both medium wall (BMT) and thick wall (BTT) busbar heat shrink tubing allows substantial reductions in Phase-Phase and Phase-Earth clearances compared with air-insulated HV systems.


SPS busbar heat shrink tubing for insulating high voltage busbars has a high resistance to splitting, while providing the flexibility to conform to bends. Superior split resistance can prevent insulation breakdowns, failures and resulting downtimes. SPS BTT heat shrink is unaffected by normal fluids and is resistant to physical damage. Excellent dielectric strength allows the required space between high voltage busbars and metal enclosures to be substantially reduced. Closer spacing reduces both the overall size of the assembly, and the overall cost.

Busbar Heat Shrink Tubings - Applications
3.3kV, 5kV, 6.6kV, 8kV, 11kV, 15kV, 25kV, 33kV and 35 kV voltage ratings
Rectangular, square and round bus bars
Inline bolted connections of rectangular busbars
Copper or aluminium bus bars
Metal-clad switchgear
Metal-enclosed bus bar
Substation switchgear


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Busbar Heat Shrink Tubing 11kV-33kV - SPS BTT75/30