BMT65-25 HV Busbar Tubing 33kV/36kV

High Voltage Busbar Heat Shrink Tubing for 11-33kV Switchgear & Substations

SPS BMT65-25 High Voltage HV Busbar Heat Shrink Tubing
Suits 11kV, 15kV, 24kV, 33kV, 36kV Busbars
Copper & Aluminium, Round or Rectangular, Straight or Angled Busbars


High voltage heat shrink busbar insulation tubings provide flashover protection against accidental bridging of straight or angled, rectangular and round HV busbars, 11kV-33kV. HV busbar tubings are suitable for enclosed and exposed bus work and for high voltage connections in switchgear line ups and substations. HV high voltage busbar heat shrink tubes also enable clearance reduction within high voltage electrical insulation applications, 11kV-33kV.

HV heat shrink busbar tubes provide electrical insulation and reduced clearances for high voltage switchgear, busbars and electrical equipment - high voltage busbar tubings are suitable for circular and rectangular, copper or aluminium, 11kV-33kV.

SPS BMT are red high voltage, thick walled, heat shrinkable tubes installed onto HV busbars to provide insulation at 6.6kV, 11kV, 15kV, 17.5kV, 24kV and 33kV. The high voltage insulation value of both medium wall (BMT) and thick wall (BTT) busbar heat shrink tubing allows substantial reductions in Phase-Phase and Phase-Earth clearances compared with air-insulated HV systems.

HV High Voltage Heat Shrink Busbar Tubing - Applications
*Rectangular, square and round bus bars
*Inline bolted connections of rectangular bus bars
*Copper or aluminum bus bars
*Metal-clad high voltage switchgear
*Metal-enclosed bus bar
*Substation switchgear


Adobe Busbar Heat Shrink Tubing Insulation, HV High Voltage 11-33kV Heat Shrink - SPS BMT 65-25

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BMT65-25 HV Busbar Tubing 33kV/36kV