SIBA HHD High Voltage (HV) Fuses - German DIN Fuses for Switchgear Protection up to 33kV

High Voltage Fuses - Air & Gas Insulated Switchgear, Indoor and Outdoor
3.3kV, 6.6kV, 11kV, 15kV, 24kV, 33kV

SIBA HHD High Voltage (HV) Fuses - German DIN Fuses for Switchgear Protection up to 33kV

SIBA HHD high voltage switchgear fuses are German DIN standard fuses suitable for air and gas insulated switchgear applications. SIBA high voltage fuses are available with 3.3/6.6kV, 6/11kV, 10/17.5kV, 10/24kV and 20/33kV voltages.

SIBA HHD rated currents are 6.3A, 10A, 16A, 20A, 25A, 40A, 50A, 63A, 80A, 100A, 125A, 160A, 200A, 250A, 315A, 355A, 400A, 500A as back-up class, DIN 43625 standard high voltage switchgear fuses.

SIBA HV switchgear fuse links have parallel connected pure silver fuse-elements. The design and method of production of the fuse elements ensures narrow tolerances of time-current characteristics. The high voltage fuse elements are wound on a ceramic support and are attached to the silver plated connection caps by means of spot-welding. The connection caps are fitted inside the silver plated copper end caps by spot welding.

SIBA high voltage fuses are available with 80N or 120N striker pins - after melting the main fuse elements the striker pin indicates the operating status of the high voltage fuse and actuates a microswitch for remote indication, and/or triggers a load break switch or a circuit breaker to open.
The SIBA copper end caps are press-fitted onto the porcelain tube which is glazed inside and outside. The end caps are mechanically fixed to the porcelain tube and additionally sealed by a durable elastic sealing medium. The SIBA fuse link sealing method has been proven over many decades of positive field experience and ensures tightness against ingress of humidity.

SIBA high voltage switchgear fuse links up to and including 160amp are equippped with an integrated temperature limiter as standard providing additional HV circuit protection including thermal protection of adjacent equipment (SF6 gas switchgear), limitation of failure current at overload point and improved fuse properties for the switch-fuse combination according to IEC62271-105. The integrated temperature limiter avoids high temperatures generating within high voltage SF6 gas insulated switchgear.

Overheating on plastic fuse enclosures in SF6 switchgear - Causes :
*fuse selection rating too low for effective transformer protection
*fuses loaded with fault currents below minimum breaking current
*detorioration of high voltage fuse links caused by transient fault currents
*transformer fault currents (eg winding short circuits)

SIBA HV Fuses : SIBA high voltage fuse links for reliable circuit protection of air, gas and oil insulated high voltage switchgear and transformers operating at 3.3kV, 6.6kV, 11kV, 20kV and 33kV voltages - this includes back-up fuses, general purpose fuses, motor fuses, capacitor fuses, overhead line fuses and full range high voltage fuses for switchgear and transformers. Also - British Standard (BS2692), German DIN Standard, North American Standard and French Standard high voltage fuses.

SIBA provides high voltage fuses for transformer and transmission line protection. The SIBA high voltage DIN range has fuses for use up to 40kV. SIBA also do other versions especially designed for applications such as wind turbines - available with low watts loss (type SSK). 

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SIBA HHD High Voltage (HV) Fuses - German DIN Fuses for Switchgear Protection up to 33kV