Ferraz Shawmut High Voltage Current Limiting Fuses

Ferraz Shawmut Current Limiting Power Fuses formerly
GE Current Limiting Power Fuses for High Voltages

Ferraz Shawmut high voltage (HV) fuses are available for use with high voltage motors, transformers, capacitors and circuit protection equipment.

Current limiting fuses as defined by ANSI C37.40 : "A current limiting fuse that, when its current-responsive element is melted by a current within the fuses specified current-limiting range, abruptly introduces a high resistance to reduce current magnitude and duration, resulting in subsequent current interruption." A current limiting fuse will reduce the magnitude a fault current as well as limit the duration of the overcurrent event when operating in its current limiting range. Thorne & Derrick UK offer a broad range of current limiting fuses for the circuit protection of high voltage feeders, transformers, switchgear and motor circuits designed to ANSI, BS, DIN and IEC standards.  

9F60 Series, EJ-2 High Voltage (HV) Motor Starter Fuses
Ferraz Shawmut back-up current limiting power fuses designed to provide short circuit protection of high voltage motors. Ferraz shawmut high voltage fuses interrupt current from 100 times the R-rating up to 50kA rms symmetrical at rated voltage. Ferraz Shawmut fuse elements are designed to withstand the cyclic motor starting application.

9F60 Series, EJ5, EJ0-5 High Voltage (HV) Capacitor Fuses
Ferraz Shawmut fuses designed to provide circuit protection to individual capacitors - the EJ5 is designed for outdoor applications. The main functions of HV capacitor fuses i) protect electrical systems from failed capacitor units ii) prevent damage to adjacent capacitors and HV electrical equipment.

9F60 Series, EJ1, EJ0-1 High Voltage (HV) Power Distribution Fuses
Ferraz Shawmut current limiting power fuses are designed  to interrupt low and high-fault currents down to approximately 3 times their continuous rating.

9F62 Series, EJ0-1 General Purpose (UL) High Voltage (HV) Fuses
Ferraz Shawmut general purpose high voltage current limiting fuses are designed to interrupt high fault currents and also low fault currents down to 1.6 times their continuous current rating.

9F59U Series, ETP High Voltage (HV) Distribution Fuses
Ferraz Shawmut back-up current limiting fuses are designed to protect external transformers used in conjunction with another protection device, such as expulsion fuses. This fuse combination limits the high fault current to a safe level providing electrical protection through the complete range.

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Adobe Ferraz Shawmut High Voltage DIN Motor Fuses 3.3kV-11kV

Adobe Ferraz Shawmut High Voltage DIN Fuses 6.6kV-33kV

Adobe Ferraz Shawmut High Voltage Transformer Fuses 6.6kV-33kV

Adobe Ferraz (GE) 9560 Series, EJ0-1 High Voltage Power Distribution Fuses

Adobe Ferraz (GE) 9560 Series, EJ-2 High Voltage (HV) Motor Starter Fuses

Adobe Ferraz (GE) 9560 Series, EJ5, EJ0-5 High Voltage (HV) Capacitor Fuses

Adobe Ferraz (GE) 9562 Series, EJ0-1 General Purpose (UL) HV Fuses

Adobe Ferraz (GE) 9F59U Series, ETP High Voltage (HV) Distribution Fuses