ABB HV Fuses - COL Current Limiting Type, ANSI Capacitor Fuses 2.8kV - 28kV

ANSI Outdoor Current Limiting Fuse COL- ABB HV Fuses

ABB high voltage COL outdoor fuses are a full range current limiting capacitor fuse. ABB COL high voltage fuse links are available in 2.8kV, 5.5kV, 8.3kV, 15.5kV and 23kV voltages. ABB COL fuses are current limiting, indicating and disconnecting.

ABB COL outdoor high voltage fuse links are applied to individual capacitor units in outdoor stacking equipment. ABB COL current limiting capacitor fuses are a two part design fuse link :

1) High current section interrupts high 60 Hz fault currents and/or high frequency discharge current from parallel capacitors.

2) Low voltage section consists of a standard NEMA type K fuse link mounted in a fiber tube - the low current section interrupts fault current associated with progressive failure of the capacitor units is dielectric, or 60Hz fault current limited by the circuit impedance to low values.

ABB COL range of high voltage outdoor capacitor fuses (current limiting type) reduce fuse replacement cost compared to the price of a NEMA type K fuse link when low current interruption occurs. Note - ABB COL fuse links must be used with an ejector spring, this spring ejects the fuse links leader giving a position indication of a blown fuse.

ABB COL High Voltage Outdoor Capacitor Fuse Links - Applications
ABB COL current limiting fuses are used only for fusing individual single phase capacitor cans, therefore the ABB COL fuse voltage rating can be determined from the voltage rating of the capacitor unit. COL HV fuses are to be applied only where there are 2 or more capacitors in parallel per group and where low inductively limited faults can flow.

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