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IEC Indoor Motor Fuse ABB CMF for High Voltages

ABB High Voltage Fuses

ABB CMF high voltage current limiting fuse links are specially designed for motor circuit applications - tested to IEC 60282-1 (IEC 282-1). ABB CMF HV motor fuse link dimensions are in accordance with DIN 43625, i.e. the 3.6kV rating is realised in the normal 12kV length (292mm0, the 7.2kV and 12kV rating in the 24kV length (442mm).

ABB CMF High Voltage Current Limiting Fuse Links

IEC 644 applies to high voltage fuses used with motors started direct-on-line on alternating current systems. High voltage fuses (3.3kV, 6.6kV, 11kV) used in motor circuits must have the ability to withstand, without deterioration, the repeated surges associated with motor starting. Special connection elements can be delivered in cases where fuses have to be paralleled.

ABB CMF high voltage current limiting motor circuit fuses are equipped with a combined indicator and striker system which is activated immediately when the fuse element melts.

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