11kV Heat Shrink Resin Joints, 3 Core XLPE-PILC 185-300sqmm - Prysmian HJ3CU11B

Prysmian Cable Joints Kits - Resin & Heat Shrink Joint Kits Suit 11kV 3 Core High Voltage HV Power Cables

XLPE, PILC, EPR Straight & Transition Prysmian Cable Joint Kits 11kV

Prysmian 11kV High Voltage Heat Shrink Resin Cable Joint Kit to suit 11kV XLPE and PILC Cables, 3 Core 185-300sqmm - 11kV heat shrink resin joints suitable for straight and transition HV jointing.
Prysmian 11kV Heat Shrink Resin HV Joint Kit - HJ3CU11B


PRESS RELEASE Julie Mould, Prysmian Marketing Manager, said: "Because Prysmian is the only manufacturer to offer a range of 11kV cables, joints and terminations under one brand, it guarantees a ‘best fit" solution for the cable jointer or installer. This eliminates problems of poor alignment and 11kV products that don't fit together. By offering accurate technical support Prysmian also helps to eliminate any potential sizing issues which ultimately helps cable jointing contractors to save time. Bitherm 11kV cable joints use Prysmians new isocyanate free JEM™ resin which replaces traditional polyurethane cable joint resins ; which due to new legislative changes now have to labelled as a potential carcinogen. It's one of the safest cable jointing resins available and outperforms traditional polyurethanes."

Bitherm Heatshrink Joint Kits contain three range-taking mechanical connectors, a hazard free resin, heatshrink tubes and an external cable joint shell. Joint kits contain a centralised BICON connector, which eliminates problems with poor alignment. Prysmian joints also have a split connector, which consists of a jigsaw connecting profile to give extra tensile strength for high voltage power cable jointing. Bitherm heatshrink joint kits are available for both 11kV polymeric and 11kV paper insulated three core cables. Prysmian cable joints have UV resistant non-tracking outer tubes with abrasion resistant outer covering.

T&D supply 3M, WT Henley, ABB, CTL Clearcast, ISP, Prysmian, SPS and Raychem cable joints for low and high voltage cable jointing - resin cable joints, cold shrink cable joints and heat shrink cable joint kits are available from stock for high voltage 11kV-33kV installations. 

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11kV Heat Shrink Resin Joints, 3 Core XLPE-PILC 185-300sqmm - Prysmian HJ3CU11B