3 Core 240-400sqmm 6.6/11/15kV 3M Cold Shrink Joint Kit 92-AV630-3/C (HV XLPE, PILC, EPR Cable)

3M 92-AV630-3/C Cold Shrink Cable Joint  - 11kV

11kV Cable Joints - Three Core

High Voltage Cable Joints & Cable Terminations

3 Core XLPE EPR PILC Cable Joints 11kV - 3M Cold Shrink QS1000

92-AV-630-3-C ColdShrink Joint Kit (QS1000)

  • 3M Cold Shrink Cable Joint for High Voltage (HV) Power Cables
  • 6.6kV, 11kV, 12kV, 15kV 3 Core Cables 240-400sqmm
  • Diameter over Primary Insulation 28.4-42.0mm

92-AV-610-3-C ColdShrink Joint Kit (QS1000) - Mechanical Protection

  • 3M Cold Shrink Outer Cable Protection Body - CS610-3 or,
  • 3M Mould Shell 1451 with 14 Litre Resin Volume - for standard underground HV cable joints (direct burial)
  • 3M Scotchcast 470W resin (6 x 2.2L + 1 x 1.1L packs),
  • For hazardous area cable joints 3M Scotchcast 1402FR resin (2 x 7.18L) should be used.

Prysmian R2MEB700 resin is suitable for use with 3M Cold Shrink Joints.

3M QS1000 92AV series Cold Shrink cable joint kits are designed for inline cable jointing or splicing of three core polymeric power cable systems with copper tape screen and steel wire armour (SWA), with or without lead sheath (LC), according to HD620 (IEC60502).

3M 92AV Cold Shrink joints are also suitable for transition cable jointing to PILC/PICAS three core power cables with the use of extra components.

Cable Joint Kit Contents - 3M 92AV Cold Shrink joints include the Cold Shrink QS1000 silicone splice joint body with integrated stress control device, conductive electrode, silicone elastomeric insulation and outer semi-conductive layer.

Copper screen sleeves, constant force springs, armour and/or lead sheath earth connection components and high voltage mechanical shearbolt connectors are also included in the cable joint kit.

Outer protection kits are available seperately (CS), in Cold Shrink versions for high voltage polymeric cable jointing, alternatively mould shell and resin packs for transition jointing or cable jointing applications in hazardous areas utilising 3M Scotchcast 1402FR resin.

3M Cold Shrink Joint Kits - Advantages

  • No heat or naked flames - no hot work permit required by cable jointers
  • Mechanical connectors included for fast and simple jointing without need for crimper tools
  • Solderless earth connection via copper stocking and constant force springs
  • Thick wall EPDM rubber Cold Shrink outer jacket provides mechanical protection
  • HV hazardous area cable jointing when encapsulated with Scotchcast 1402FR resin

3M Cold Shrink Joint Kits - Versatility

Different types and sizes of high voltage cables can be jointed - supplementary kits are available for transition jointing polymeric (XLPE) cables to paper (PILC) cables, build-up kits are available for jointing smaller polymeric (XLPE) cables - one supplementary or build-up kit is required for each cable core to be jointed (single phase kits).

All QS1000 cable joint types have been tested to VDE 0278, HD 629 and BS 7888.

Adobe 3 Core 240-400sqmm 6.6/11/15kV 3M Cold Shrink Joint Kit 92-AV630/3-C (XLPE, PILC, EPR)

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3 Core 240-400sqmm 6.6/11/15kV 3M Cold Shrink Joint Kit 92-AV630-3/C (HV XLPE, PILC, EPR Cable)