11kV Cold Shrink Cable Termination Kits, Single Core - NIE

3M NIE Cold Shrink Cable Termination - Single Core - 11kV

11kV Cable Termination - Single Core

NIE - Northern Ireland Electricity

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11kV Cold Shrink Cable Termination Kits, Single Core - NIE

NIE currently serves around 680,000 customers and the total length of its system is in excess of 50,000 kilometres.

Electricity supplies are delivered to customers through a system of low voltage and high voltage overhead lines and underground cables.

A distinctive characteristic of the NIE system is that a very large proportion of the high voltage distribution system is made up of overhead lines; some 23,000 kilometres are overhead lines and 3,700 kilometres, mainly in Belfast and other urban areas, are underground cables. In all, about 450,000 customers in Northern Ireland (about 66% of the total) living in mixed rural/urban environments outside the main cities, or in rural areas, depend for their electricity supplies on overhead distribution lines.

The NIE distribution system can be regarded as having four distinct elements :

  1. The 33kV cable network, which provides supplies to approximately two hundred 33/11kV HV substations. This network is designed so that the majority of HV substations can be supplied by more than one 33kV circuit to reduce the incidence and duration of supply failures caused by faults on the 33kV network
  2. 11kV arterial lines running between adjacent 33kV/11kV high voltage substations :
  3. 11kV subsidiary radial lines, which have been progressively developed to meet the need for new customer connections;
  4. The low voltage network, which delivers the final supply from an 11kV/low voltage transformer to customers' premises.

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11kV Cold Shrink Cable Termination Kits, Single Core - NIE