33kV Resin Joints - 120-240sqmm - Kit 94-AP430-3/C

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3 Core XLPE Cable Joints 33kV - 3M Cold Shrink QSIII

Cold Shrink & Resin Cable Joint Application

3M QS2000 94-AP43x-3/C Cold Shrink Series Kits are designed for inline splicing up to 33/36kV Umax voltage class, Three core polymeric power cable systems with copper tape screen and armour according to HD 620 (IEC 60502).

3M Cold Shrink & Resin Cable Joints are suitable for use within hazardous areas where hydrocarbon resistant and flame retardant installations are required - this includes offshore, oil, gas and petrochemical installations and Zones 1 and Zones 2 hazardous areas.

Cable Joint Kit Content

3M™ 94-AP43x-3/C Inline Cable Joint Kits includes the 3M Cold Shrink QS2000 silicone splice body with integrated stress control device, conductive electrode, silicone elastomeric insulation and outer semi-conductive layer for high voltage cables.

Also included in the 3M Cold Shrink & Resin Cable Joint Kit are copper screen sleeve, constant force springs for metallic screen and cable armour connection, mechanical shearbolt connectors and Scotchcast 1402FR hazardous area (hydro carbon resistant) resin, delivered by the 3M Resin Pressure method to re-build the cable outer jacket of high voltage power cables up to 33kV.

Adobe 33kV Resin Joints - 3 Core XLPE Polymeric Cable Jointing Kits 120-240sqmm - Kit 94-AP430-3/C

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33kV Resin Joints - 120-240sqmm - Kit 94-AP430-3/C