3M QS2000 33kV Single Core Cable Joint 50-240sqmm - 94AK6201C

3M 94AK6201C Cold Shrink Cable Joint - Single Core - 33kV

3M QS2000 Cold Shrink Joints 33kV

Cold Shrink Splices for HV 33kV Cables - 3M Cold Shrink

33kV Single Core XLPE - 3M Cold Shrink Joint Kits

3M QS200 Cold Shrink Series Cable Jointing Kits are designed for inline cable splicing and jointing up to 33kV/36kV Umax voltage class, single core polymeric (XLPE) power cable systems with copper wire screen according to HD 620 (IEC 60502).

QS200 Cable Splice Joint Kit Content - 3M 

The 3M 94-AK6xx-1/C Inline Cable Joint Splice Kit Series includes the 3M Cold Shrink QS200 silicone splice body with integrated electrode, stress control device, silicone elastomer insulation and outer semi-conductive layer.

Also included in the cable joint kit are a mechanical shearbolt connector, copper screen sleeve, constant force springs and thick walled EPDM rubber Cold Shrink tubes to re-build the cable outer sheath jacket.

Adobe 3M Medium-High Voltage Cold Shrink Joints Brochure

Adobe 3M QS2000 33kV Single Core XLPE CWS Joint 50-240sqmm - 94AK6201C

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3M QS2000 33kV Single Core Cable Joint 50-240sqmm - 94AK6201C