3M Wind Farm Products - Fillers, Tapes, Adhesives

3M Wind Farm Products - Fillers, Tapes, Adhesives

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3M Wind Fillers are flexible, tough two-part epoxy and polyurethane fillers used to finish and smooth wind blade surfaces and leading edges during manufacture, and to repair minor damage on wind blade surface quickly and reliably during wind farm maintenance operations.

3M Wind Structural Adhesives

A family of load-bearing epoxy and acrylic adhesives used for bonding composite wind blades as well as for other general purpose applications.

A variety of formulations available to provide strength, flexibility and other properties to meet various wind energy application needs.

3M Wind Blade Bonding Adhesive - W1100

Tough, crack-resistant structural epoxy used for bonding composite wind blades.

3M W1100 is a two-part paste adhesive that combines outstanding shear and peel strength with excellent impact resistance and durability.

3M Dry Lay-up Adhesive

High tack, high coverage, fast drying sprayable adhesive, designed to reduce the amount of time required for dry lay-up of fiberglass, ideal for robotic application.

3M adhesives can also reduce wrinkles that can become a major source of failure.

Particle spray pattern and red colour provide a visual check of spray level for more consistent application.

3M Corrosion Protective Coatings

3M manufactures a wide variety of epoxy and polyurethane coatings used to protect against corrosion in challenging enviroments, including salt spray, petrochemicals and industrial fumes.

Among these are a line of advanced coatings, used for the long-term protection of bridges, pipelines, structures, and equipment operating in aggressive industrial and marine enviroments.

Many of these are water-based coatings that provide high-performance protection with fewer coats, to help reduce labour and maintenance costs,

3M Wind Protection Tapes

3M wind turbine protection tapes are used to shield leading edges and surfaces from pitting, wear, and water ingress. Constructed from tough, abrasion resistant polyurethane elastomers.

Erosion and weathering resistant, UV stable, solvent-free, high conformity to complex shapes.

Based on dependable 3M technology used to protect helicopter blades and aircraft radomes for over 40 years.

3M Cold Shrink Splices

Cold shrink technology - invented by 3M - provides easy installation, effective cable insulation and creates a dynamic, compressive seal that has proven reliable for over 40 years of field use.

3M cable splice kits for wind farm applications are tested on aluminum and copper conductors to meet the stringent IEEE Standards.

3M offers a wide range of cable splice kits for low voltage (up to 1000V), medium voltage (up to 35kV) and high voltage (up to 66kV) applications.

3M Cold Shrink Terminations

3M also provides both high and medium voltage terminations, based on cold shrink technology, to fit a broad range of cables.

These 3M cable terminations are quick and easy to install and have been field-proven reliable. 3M cable termination kits for wind farm applications are tested on aluminum and copper conductors and meet or exceed IEEE Standards.

3M Wind Turbine Maintenance Products

  • 3M Wind Blade Bonding Adhesive
  • 3M Wind Fillers
  • 3M Wind Protection Tapes
  • 3M Sealants
  • 3M Corrosion Protective Coatings
  • 3M Cold Shrink Splices
  • 3M Cold Shrink Terminations
  • 3M Scotch Electrical Tapes
  • 3M Cable Grounding Kits

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