11kV Cold Shrink Joint Single Core 300-400sqmm XLPE/EPR - 3M 92-AG632-1/C

3M 92-AG632-1/C Cold Shrink Cable Joint - Single Core - 11kV

11kV Cold Shrink Cable Joints - Single Core

Cold Shrink Cable Joint : 3M 92-AG632-1/C

Single Core 11kV Polymeric Copper Tape Screened AWA Straight Joints

3M Cold Shrink : High Voltage Cable Joints & Cable Terminations

Single Core XLPE EPR Cable Joints 11kV - 3M Cold Shrink QS1000

  • Cold Shrink Cable Joints, 3M Cold Shrink QS1000 Single Core Inline Joint
  • Suitable for High Voltage Polymeric Insulated Cables (XLPE & EPR) up to 11kV
  • With Copper Tape Screens

3M Cold Shrink QS1000 Joint Kit - 92-AG632-1/C

  • 300-400sqmm 6.6kV/11kV Single Core Inline Cable Joint
  • Diameter of Primary Insulation - 28.4-42.0mm
  • Diameter over Cable Jacket - 56mm max

3M QS1000 Inline HV Cold Shrink Joint Kit - 92-AG632-1/C Kit List

The 3M QS1000 Cold Shrink Cable Joint Kit 92-AG632-1/C for power cable jointing of polymeric insulated (XLPE & EPR) high voltage cables includes :

Cold Shrink QS1000 silicone cable splice body with integrated stress control device, conductive electrode, silicone elastomeric insulation and outer semi-conductive layer.

Also included in the joint kit are copper screen sleeve, constant force springs for screen bonding earthing, armour connection components, EPDM rubber Cold Shrink outer tubes to rebuild the cable sheath and high voltage shearbolt mechanical connectors.

Cold Shrink Cable Joints from 3M : QS1000 Features

  • One-piece cold shrink cable splice joint body allow fast and easy cable jointing up to 11kV-15kV
  • No "hot working" required during cable joint installation - no heat or flames
  • Mechanical connector achieves quick and easy conductor jointing, no crimping tools needed
  • Thick walled, EPDM rubber cold shrink outer re-jacketing tubes protect and seal cable joint

3M Cold Shrink Cable Joints

Adobe 11kV Cold Shrink Joint QS1000 - Inline Single Core 300-400sqmm XLPE/EPR - 92-AG632-1/C

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11kV Cold Shrink Joint Single Core 300-400sqmm XLPE/EPR - 3M 92-AG632-1/C