33kV Joints, Single Core Polymeric (XLPE) Copper Tape Screened Cable Joints

3M QS2000 Cold Shrink Cable Joint - Single Core - 33kV

33kV Cable Joints - Single Core

HV Cold Shrink Joints 33kV

33kV Single Core XLPE - 3M Cold Shrink Joint Kits

3M QS2000 Cold Shrink 33kV Joints are designed for inline splicing of polymeric insulated (XLPE) cables with copper tape screens.

3M Cold Shrink 33kV joints include the Cold Shrink QS2000 silicone splice body with integrated electrode, stress control device, silicone elastomer insulation and outer semi-conductive layer.

Also included in 3M Cold Shrink 33kV joints are shearbolt mechanical connectors, copper screen sleeve, constant force springs and thick walled EPDM rubber Cold Shrink outer tubes to re-build the HV outer cable jacket.

Also : 3M Cold Shrink 33kV Cable Terminations, Single Core Copper Tape Screened Cables.

3M Cold Shrink 33kV joints for polymeric (XLPE) insulated cables - 120sqmm, 150sqmm, 185sqmm, 240sqmm, 300sqmm.

33kV Joint, 3M Cold Shrink Cable Joints - Single Core Polymeric XLPE

  • Versatile design of prefabricated one-piece Cold Shrink 33kV splice body allows high voltage cable installation on a wide range of cable sizes and types
  • Integrated, semi-conductive electrode forms a faraday cage over the HV connector and eliminates the use of electrical tapes or additional moulded electrode
  • No "hot-work" permit required - no heat or flame needed by HV CABLE jointers during installation of 3M Cold Shrink 33kV joints
  • Delivered mechanical connector provides an adequate application range
  • Solderless earth connection by means of  copper screen sleeve and constant force springs
  • Thick walled, EPDM rubber 3M Cold Shrink outer re-jacketing tubes provide physical protection and moisture sealing of the completed inline 33kV joint.

33kV Cable Jointing, Laying & Installation - Trench : 33kV single core cables laid direct underground into cable trench to form one three-phase 33kV circuit are generally laid touching in trefoil, bonded together by nylon cable ties.

Ducted : 33kV single core cables installed into cable ducts to form a 33kV three-phase circuit should be installed with each core in an individual duct and with the ducts laid touching in trefoil.

Cable duct groups should be bound together by cable ties at intervals of one metre  - three 33kV single core cables can be installed in a single cable duct for short lengths (eg road crossings). 

The cable jointer or contractor should check to ensure compliance with regional DNO practice prior to 33kV cable jointing and installation.

Adobe 33kV Joints, 3M Cold Shrink Single Core XLPE 120-240sqmm - Kit 3M 94-AP635-1/C

Adobe 33kV Joints, 3M Cold Shrink Single Core XLPE 185-300sqmm - Kit 3M 94-AP636-1/C

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33kV Joints, Single Core Polymeric (XLPE) Copper Tape Screened Cable Joints