11kV Branch Joints

3M QS2000B Cold Shrink Branch Joint - Three Core - 11kV

11kV Cable Joints - Three Core

11kV Branch Joints with 3M Cold Shrink


3M Cold Shrink QS2000B 11kV three core high voltage polymeric branch joints offer fast, safe and simple HV cable installations without the dangers and hassles of “hot-working” associated with HV heat shrink joints - no naked flames, no gas torches, no ignition tools, no “hot-work” permit applications.

3M  11kV Cold Shrink Polymeric (XLPE) Branch Joints are suitable for high voltage cable jointing of 3 core XLPE cables with copper tape screens and steel wire armour (SWA) to HD620 (IEC 60502). 

11kV hazardous area branch joints - 3M Scotchcast 1402FR resin should be used.

3M Cold Shrink 11kV Three Core Polymeric Branch Joints - Benefits :

  • Excellent 3M Cold Shrink electrical insulating performance at 11kV
  • Hydrophobic properties - waterproof for underground branch jointing
  • Suitable for 6.6kV and 11kV 3 core XLPE branch joints
  • Cold Shrink joints require no heat at all - less tools, less risk, improved safety
  • Non-flammable silicone rubber Cold Shrink branch joints 
  • Built in cold shrink stress control for reliable high voltage cable service
  • Compact joint kit design for limited working access in joint bays

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11kV Branch Joints