Tofco Feeder Pillars

Tofco Feeder Pillars

Feeder Pillars


Single Door & Double Door Steel Feeder Pillars

Tofco feeder pillars include hot dip galvanised 3mm (300 series), 5mm (500 series) and mini feeder pillars.

Optional Tofco feeder pillar extras include: painted leatherette black, bitumen coated roots, anti-grafitti finish and pre-wired pillars.

Pictured: Tofco Feeder Pillars

Tofco Feeder Pillar 300 Series

Tofco pre-wired distribution panels are tailor made for the street lighting industry - Tofco manufacture control panels to specifications including single phase, 3 phase or 3 phase incoming / single phase outgoing applications.

The circuit configurations may be switched or unswitched and can be supplied with outgoing and auxilliary circuits according to your requirements.

Tofco panel enclosures are manufactured to comply with the mechanical requirements of BS5486. Each enclosure is manufactured from a continuous length of sheet steel, double folded at the front, with the rear welded to the frame.

Enclosures are finished both internally and externally with polyester epoxy resin or grey texturised paint (to RAL-7032). 

A minimum ingress protection of IP55 is provided and the enclosure is supplied with a bichromated zinc plated metal backplate with holes for the securing of accessories and 4 brackets to allow fixing to the pillar shell or backboard.

The appropriate number of holes are pre-punched into the pillar base to allow for termination of the outgoing cables and are fitted with grommets until utilised.

The size of the distribution enclosure may vary depending on the electrical equipment content and specifications required.

Pictured: Tofco FP550 Olympics 2012

Tofco FP550 OLYMPICS 2012

Adobe Tofco Feeder Pillars - 300 Series, 3mm Tofco Feeder Pillars

Adobe Tofco Feeder Pillars - 500 Series, 5mm Tofco Feeder Pillars

Adobe Tofco Mini Feeder Pillars