Prysmian - Two Hole Plastic LSF Cable Cleat

Prysmian Cable CleatsPrysmian - Two Hole Plastic LSF Cable Cleat

Formerly Pirelli Cables - BICC (BICON)

Prysmian Bicon 374 Series Cable Cleats



Prysmian Afumex two bolt cable cleats are Low Smoke and Zero Halogen designed to cleat and clamp Afumex, LSOH and LSF (Low Smoke Fume) cables - Afumex cable cleats are suitable for cables 50-94mm in diameter. Prysmian Afumex cable cleats are London Underground (LUL) Approved.

The plastic two bolt cable cleats are part of the Prysmian BICON range of cable cleats for single way cleating for Afumex Zero Halogen LSOH and Draka Saffire Low Smoke OHLS cables up to 94mm outer sheath diameter depending on short circuit protection levels.

  • Suitable for use with LV-HV cables from 50 to 94mm in diameter
  • BICON cable cleats available in 7 sizes
  • Low Smoke and Zero Halogen
  • Suitable for use with Afumex, LSOH and LSF cables
  • LUL Approved
  • Sunlight (UV) and weather resistant
  • Two-piece, two fi xing design
  • Operating temperature -20°C to +90°C
  • Can be double stacked on common fixings

Prysmian Afumex 2 Bolt Cable Cleat

Pictured: Prysmian Two Hole Plastic LSF Cable Cleat Diagram

Prysmian - Two Hole Plastic LSF Cable Cleat


Prysmian - Two Hole Plastic LSF Cable Cleat Technical Data
Prysmian Cable and Cleat Selection Prysmian Cable Cleat Details 
Design Number Cable Diameter A (mm)  Cleat Dimensions (mm) SWL FOS2 (kgf) Approx Weight per Cleat (2 halves) (g)
Min Max B C D E
374LSF01 50 58 89 102 45 80 290 174
374LSF02 56 64 93 102 45 80 340 158
374LSF03 62 70 98 114 45 92 360 174
374LSF04 68 76 104 114 50 92 400 210
374LSF05 74 82 110 126 50 104 375 254
374LSF06 80 88 118 126 50 104 445 264
374LSF07 86 94 121 136 60 114 475 326

SWL = Safe Working Load FOS 2 = Values include a Factor Of Safety of 2

Installing Afumex 2 Bolt Cable Cleat

The Afumex 2 bolt cable cleat should be mounted on suitable M10 fixings. There is no need for any channel adaptor when mounting on to a ‘C’ section channel.

LV, MV & HV Cable Cleats & Accessories

Call T&D to discuss your cable cleat, clamp and hanger requirements for LV, MV & HV cables. 

We are specialists in the 11kV 33kVdistribution of 11kV-33kV high voltage power cable accessories including cleats, joints, terminations and cable jointers tooling. 

Prysmian Afumex Cables Afumex Cables

M&E building services demand the highest specification performance from low and [Prysmian Afumex Cable Cleats]  high voltage electrical equipment and cable systems - electrical equipment, cables (LV-HV) and cable accessories (cable joints, cleats, glands, enclosures, junction boxes etc) must perform in the event of fire. Engineers must design LV-HV electrical systems and use materials that can eliminate the fire hazard and reduce the risk in the event of emergency. Prysmian Afumex range of low smoke, zero halogen, flame retardant cables - Low Smoke : meet BS EN 61034-2, Zero Halogen : meet BS EN 50267-2-1 or BS EN 50267-2-2, Flame Retardant : meet BS EN 60332-1-2 or BS EN 60332-3-24 and fully approved : 3rd party approved to BS7211, BS6724 or BS8436.

Cable cleats are suitable for LV, MV and HV cable support depending upon the calculated short-circuit current - check with T&D.

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