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Triplex Joints & Terminations 11kV


Nexans 11kV triplex cable joints and cable terminations are suitable for BS7870 - 4.10 power cables, tested to CENELEC HD629.2 and IEC60502-4.

11kV terminations connect medium/high voltage power cables with polymeric insulation including XLPE and EPR to MV-HV switchgear, transformers and cable boxes - suits single core bonded or easy strip semi-conductive screens.

  • 11kV Triplex Heat Shrink Cable Joints - Nexans DesignTriplex Cable Terminations

1- Dual wall heat shrink tube
2- Stress control heat shrink tube
3- Stress control mastic
4- Overall heat shrink protection tube
6- Sealing mastic
7- Copper mesh screen continuity
8- Conductor connector (crimp ferrule or mechanical shearbolt connectors)
9- Crimp ferrule for copper screen wires

  • 11kV Triplex Heat Shrink Cable Terminations - Nexans Design

1- Cable lugs (compression or mechanical shearbolt lugs)
2- Water sealing mastic
3- Anti track high voltage heat shrinkable tube
4- Stress control heat shrink tube
5- Stress control mastic
6- Anti-tracking heat shrink rain sheds for high voltage outdoor cable terminations


11kV Triplex Cables circular solid aluminium (SAC), cross linked polyethylene (XLPE) insulated, copper wire screen, medium density polyethylene (MDPE) oversheath, three single cores laid up in triplex formation to specification BS7870 and IEC502. 

11kV Triplex Cables

The following selection tables enable the correct specification of 11kV single core cable terminations:

11kV Indoor Terminations

Nexans Order Code  Cable Voltage Conductor Range - Single Core Cables  Cable Termination Tails
SREI 12 16-25  11kV 16, 25sqmm  650mm
SREI 12 35-95  11kV 35, 50, 70 95sqmm  650mm
SREI 12 120-240  11kV 120, 150, 185, 240sqmm  650mm
SREI 12 240-500  11kV 240, 300, 400, 500sqmm  650mm
SREI 12 400-630  11kV 400, 500, 630sqmm  650mm
SREI 12 630-800  11kV 630-800sqmm  650mm

11kV Outdoor Terminations

Nexans Order Code  Cable Voltage  Conductor Range - Single Core Cables  Cable Termination Tails
SREF 12 16-25  11kV  16, 25sqmm  650mm
SREF 12 35-95  11kV  35, 50, 70 95sqmm  650mm
SREF 12 120-240  11kV  120, 150, 185, 240sqmm  650mm
SREF 12 240-500  11kV  240, 300, 400, 500sqmm  650mm
SREF 12 400-630  11kV  400, 500, 630sqmm  650mm
SREF 12 630-800  11kV  630-800sqmm  650mm



Nexans Euromold Cable Terminations for HV Switchgear & Transformers

Euromold manufacture 11kV-33kV pre-moulded EPDM separable elbow connectors, heat shrink cable joints and cable terminations, cold shrink cable joints and cable terminations and epoxy bushings for high voltage switchgear and transformers.

Nexans Euromold Connectors

Euromold cable accessories meet CENELEC HD929.1, CENELEC EN50180, IEC 137, IEEE 386 & 404.

A screened cable connector is an encapsulated, safe to touch high voltage cable termination used to connect HV cables to the epoxy bushings of high voltage electrical equipment including transformers, switchgear and motors.

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