Earth Blocks

AN Wallis Earth Blocks

Earth Blocks

Material: Tinned Brass

AN Wallis Earthing & Lightning Protection Distributors

Earth blocks allow earth conductor termination or live conductor termination within a suitable, fully insulated housing. The AN Wallis earth blocks are manufactured from tinned brass.

T&D offer a full range of Wallis earthing & lightning protection products.

Pictured: Wallis Earth Blocks

Wallis Earth Blocks

Wallis Earth Blocks - Product Range

Part Number Type Dimensions Unit Weight Pack Quantity
EBB 004/1 4-Way Single 54mm x 9mm x 12mm 0.06kg 10
EBB 004 4-Way Double 51mm x 18mm x 12mm 0.09kg 10
EBB 008 8-Way Single 88mm x 18mm x 12mm 0.15kg 10

Earth Blocks  Dimensions

Adobe AN Wallis Earth Blocks - 8 Way Single Brass Earth Blocks

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Earth Blocks