Earth Rods - Stainless Steel

Earth Rods - Stainless SteelStainless Steel Earth Rods

Material: Stainless Steel to BS EN 10088

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Stainless steel earth rods are designed for use where problems may be caused by galvanic corrosion due to dissimilar metals being buried in close proximity - they are produced from stainless steel rod and are internally threaded for jointing.

Pictured: AN Wallis Stainless Steel Earth Rods (Stainless steel manufactured to BS EN 10088 standards)

AN Wallis Stainless Steel Rods

Stainless steel earth rods are highly resistant to corrosion and a comprehensive range of driving heads, spikes, dowels and couplers are available.

AN Stainless Steel Earth Rods - Product Range
Part Number Shank Length Thread Size Length 1 Unit Weight Pack Quantity
ERZ 112 16mm 1200mm M10 20mm 1.87kg 5
ERZ 115 16mm 1500mm M10 20mm 2.35kg 5
ERZ 118 16mm 1800mm M10 20mm 2.83kg 5
ERZ 124 16mm 2400mm M10 20mm 3.79kg 5
ERZ 130 16mm 3000mm M10 20mm 4.75kg 5
ERZ 212 20mm 1200mm M10 20mm 2.95kg 5
ERZ 215 20mm 1500mm M10 20mm 3.71kg 5
ERZ 218 20mm 1800mm M10 20mm 4.46kg 5
ERZ 224 20mm 2400mm M10 20mm 5.96kg 5
ERZ 230 20mm 3000mm M10 20mm 7.46kg 5
ERZ 312 25mm 1200mm M12 25mm 4.64kg 1
ERZ 315 25mm 1500mm M12 25mm 5.81kg 1
ERZ 318 25mm 1800mm M12 25mm 6.99kg 1
ERZ 324 25mm 2400mm M12 25mm 9.34kg 1
ERZ 330 25mm 3000mm M12 25mm 11.69kg 1


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Earth Rods - Stainless Steel