Cembre HT120 Hydraulic Crimping Tool (up to 400sqmm)

Cembre HT120 Hydraulic Crimping Tool

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Cembre HT120

Cembre HT120 Hydraulic Crimping Tools 


Cembre HT120 hydraulic crimping tool is lightweight and compact for the crimping and compression oflow and high voltage cable lugs, splices and connectors up to 400sqmm. HT120 hydraulic crimping tool is ideal for installing crimp connectors to overhead line applications and accepts most semi-circular slotted dies common to 130kN tools.
Cembre HT120 hydraulic crimping tool features spring loaded handles allowing the die sets to be advanced with one hand - the other hand free to position the connector prior to crimping. For ease of operation and comfort of the electrical engineer or cable jointer the Cembre HT120 crimp tool head can be fully rotated through 180 degrees.

Cembre HT120 hydraulic crimping tools feature built-in safety valves which by-pass the oil supply when the maximum pressure is reached.

Cembre HT120 : Length 488mm, Width 138mm - 120kN Crimp Force.
Cembre HT120 Hydraulic Crimping Tools 10 -400sqmm

Cembre HT120 Hydraulic Crimping Tool - Capability :

  • LV Lugs up to 400sqmm
  • LV Splices up to 240sqmm
  • Insulated Terminals up to 240sqmm
  • HV Lugs up to 400sqmm
  • HV Splices up to 240sqmm
  • C Sleeve, C Tap Connectors up to 185sqmm


Cembre HT120 Hydraulic Crimping Tool Features:

  • Crimping Force 120kN
  • Cembre HT120 Length 488mm
  • Cembre HT120 Width 138mm
  • Cembre HT120 Weight 5.7kg


Cembre HT120 Hydraulic Crimping Tools - User Instructions

Cembre HT120 tool is suitable for crimping electrical cable connectors, lugs and splices for conductors up to 400sqmm (800 MCM).

  • Select the appropriate die set for the connectors (crimp lugs or splices)
  • Open the latch and release the upper die holder of the crimping tool
  • Insert one die into the upper die holder and one die into the lower die holder
  • Close the latch
  • Remove the handle holder to release the moveable handle
  • Insert the conductor into the connector (crimp lug or splice)
  • Locate the connector between the crimping dies at the desired crimp position
  • Operate the crimp tool handle for die set advancement
  • Ensure crimp dies are positioned exactly on the desired crimp point
  • Continue crimping using the moveable handle
  • Crimp tool will change to high pressure stage, ram will advance until dies meet
  • Continue pumping the crimp tool until maximum pressure valve is activated
  • Listen for "click" from the crimping tool
  • Press pressure release lever for retraction of ram and die re-opening
  • The crimped connector will be released
  • Press the pressure release lever to release the oil pressure in the crimp tool

Crimping Tool Tips & Notes : Ensure that the latch and upper die holder of the Cembre HT120 are fully secured to avoid damage during crimping. The automatic opening of the moveable handle allows the operation of the hydraulic crimping tool using one hand, while locating the connector (cable lug or cable splice) into the required crimp position with the other hand. Cembre HT120 crimping tool has a twin speed operation and automatically switches from a rapid advancing speed of the ram to a slower more powerful crimping speed as the die sets close and compress onto the connector.

Crimping Tool Maintenance : Dust, sand and dirt threaten the safe and reliable operation of all hydraulic crimping tools - after use the Cembre HT120 should be cleaned with a clean cloth taking care to remove any residual especially close to pivots and movable parts.

11kV 33kV

Cembre HT120-KV version is a hydraulic crimping tool provided with additional externalCembre HT120-KV Crimping Tools coatings to protect the user and crimp tool against accidental brush contact with energised conductors. Users should never rely solely on the insulating properties of Cembre HT120-KV when working around energised conductors. Please refer to the Cembre HT120 Manual download below for operating and maintenance guidelines for this hydraulic crimping tool.

Cembre crimper tools are preferred by MV-HV Cable Jointers to provide electrical crimp connections and splices, call us to discuss your cable installation and jointing tool requirements. 


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Adobe Cembre HT120 Hydraulic Crimping Tool (up to 400sqmm)

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Cembre HT120 Hydraulic Crimping Tool (up to 400sqmm)