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High Tensile Strength, High Flexibility Conduit Rods


High quality glass fibre reinforced conduit rod ideal for cable pulling into ducts. 

Continuous pipe and duct rodding systems (often referred to as Cobras, conduit snakes, duct rods or conduit rods) provide a compact and labour saving solution to utility contractors installing cables in ducts, threading draw ropes thorough pipes or surveying drains with CCTV cameras.

The range of conduit rod accessories include:

  • Guide tips to guide through ducts
  • Flexible guide tips to assist round bends
  • Swivel connectors (for joining two conduit rods rods together where longer lengths are needed)

Pictured: Cobra Conduit Rod & Duct Rod

Cobra Conduit Rod & Duct Rod

All conduit rod guide tips come with an eye for attaching draw ropes. 

The high quality glass fibre reinforced helically wound epoxy rod have good adhesion properties for the outer polyethylene coating.

This construction gives excellent bending elasticity which makes it ideal for short to long installations into ducts - ideal and fast way of installing draw ropes and winch ropes into ducts, ready for cable pulling operations.

Cobra Conduit Rod & Duct Rod - Product Range
Part Number Description Dimensions Weight
LCR4/40R 4mm Diameter on 480mm High Free Standing Free 4mm x 40m 5kg
LCR4/60R 4mm x 60m 6kg
LCR4/80R 4mm x 80m 7kg
LCR4/100R 4mm x 100m 8kg
LCR6/60R 6mm Diameter on 590mm High Free Standing Reel 6mm x 60m 10kg
LCR6/80R 6mm x 80m 11kg
LCR6/100R 6mm x 100m 12kg
LCR6/150R 6mm x 150m 13kg
LCR9/60R 9mm Diameter on 1040mm High Mobile Reel 9mm x 60m 26kg
LCR9/80R 9mm x 80m 28kg
LCR9/100R 9mm x 100m 30kg
LCR9/120R 9mm x 120m 32kg
LCR9/150R 9mm x 150m 35kg
LCR11/100R 11mm Diameter On 1160mm High Mobile Reel 11mm x 100m 39kg
LCR11/150R 11mm x 150m 47kg
LCR11/200R 11mm x 200m 54kg
LCR11/250R 11mm x 250m 61kg
LCR11/300R 11mm x 300m 69kg
LCR14/150R 14mm Diameter On 1290mm High Mobile Reel 14mm x 150m 65kg
LCR14/200R 14mm x 200m 77kg
LCR14/250R 14mm x 250m 87kg
LCR14/300R 14mm x 300m 99kg
LCR14/350R 14mm x 350m 111kg


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