Underground Cable & Pipe Protection for Electricity, Gas & Water Utilities

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Underground Cable & Pipe Protection - Electric, Gas & Water Utilities

Centriforce underground cable and pipe protection products provide clear visual warning and excellent impact resistance for underground electric power cables, fibre optic cables, gas pipes and water pipes.

Centriforce underground cable and pipe protection covers, tapes and tiles insure against cable and pipe damage or strikes by third party digging and excavation.

Pictured: Centriforce Centritile Tapetile Warning Tape

Centriforce Centritile Tapetile Warning Tape

Centriforce Cable & Pipe Protection 

  • Underground Buried Electric Cables
  • Telecoms Cables
  • Fibre Optic Cables
  • Street Lighting Cables
  • Gas Pipes & Water Pipes
  • Reduce risk of personal injury
  • Reduce risk of supply interruption
  • Protect from accidental cable or pipe strikes
  • Clear visual warning to presence of underground cable and pipes
  • Low cost and quick installation
  • Recycled product

Centriforce Stokbord Underground Cable Protection Covers

Centriforce Stokbord cable covers provide heavy duty LV HV underground cable protection - Stokbord is made from high impact recycled polyethylene sheet designed to withstand damage from plant and hand tools.

Stokbord protects underground fibre optic and LV HV electric power cables conforming to BS2484 and ENATS 12-23.

Stokbord cable covers are fully jointed, laid overlapped and held firm underground with plastic jointing pegs.

Stokbord cable covers feature a red background with yellow top tape containing the warning legend in black lettering - CAUTION ELECTRIC CABLE BELOW.

Pictured: Centriforce Centritile Stokbord Cable Covers

Centriforce Centritile Tapetile Warning Tape

Centriforce Centritile Underground Cable Protection Tapes

Centriforce Centritile underground cable protection tapes are supplied in roll format for quick and easy protection of trenched low voltage LV, high voltage HV, 11kV, street lighting, gas and water piping.

Centritile cable and pipe protection tape applications :

  • Electric Cable - Caution Electric Cable Below
  • Fibre Optic Cable - Caution Fibre Optic Cables Below
  • Gas Pipes - Caution Gas Pipe Below
  • Water Pipes - Caution Water Pipe Below

Centritile cable protection tape is used and approved by the UK DNO's and their cable pulling and laying contractors - complies with ENATS 12-23.

Centriforce Stokbord and Centritile can be manufactured in a variety of different colours with a distinct warning legend.

Benefits of Stokbord & Centritile Cable & Pipe Protection Products Over Concrete & Steel Plate

  • Lightweight cable and pipe covers easy to install
  • Clear warning of underground cable and pipe to 3rd parties
  • Damage to cable less likely reducing cost of repairs and supply disruption
  • Accidental dropping of plastic cable covers will not damage cables
  • No risk of accidental breakage unlike concrete cable covers

Plastic protection covers cause no damage to cables if they settle onto the cable due to sand being washed away.

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