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Concrete Cable Covers

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Concrete cable covers are installed extensively throughout the utility industries providing a warning to site personnel working or excavating in close proximity to underground pipes and electrical cables.

Concrete cable covers act as a physical barrier against accidental damage to buried low and high voltage cables eliminating costly repairs and jointing.

Concrete cable marker posts identify the exact location of underground utility services, including low (LV) and high (HV) voltage power cables - this includes 600/1000 volt, 6.6kV, 11kV, 33kV, 66kV and 132kV cable service identification.

Pictured : Concrete Cable Covers

Concrete Cable Covers

Above ground marker posts clearly identify the location of underground cables and pipelines assisting engineers and survey teams.

Concrete cable covers are impressed "DANGER ELECTRICITY" - the concrete cable cover width should exceed the width of the electric cable service over which it is to be placed.

Concrete cable covers installed to protect underground buried electric cables are also referenced as CG1001, CG1002 and CG1003 concrete tiles - concrete cable covers are made to BS4482.

Concrete cable marker posts and marker blocks identify the exact location of underground utility services - concrete marker posts indictate the local presence of fire hydrants, water and gas valves, electric cable junctions and field markers.

Various types of concrete cable markers are available impressed with a text for boundary marking or inclusive of snap-fit marker plates.

Concrete cable marker posts can be produced with traffolyte plates to mark low and high voltage cable junctions. 

  • Concrete cable marker posts are reinforced to minimise risk of damage.
  • Cable posts manufactured from concrete, reinforced with steel rod.
  • Concrete marker posts are supplied with a recess to suit a fire hydrant or water valve plate manufactured to BS3251.
  • Electric cable posts are supplied with a recess for identification plates.

Pictured : Boddingtons Concrete Marker Posts For Utility Cables & Pipes

Concrete Marker Posts

Boddingtons Concrete Marker Posts - Product Range
Product Main Use Height Width Depth Weight Part Number
BCP1 Electric Cable Marker 760mm 160mm 75mm 24kg 018888
BCP2 Electric Cable Marker 610mm 160mm 75mm 17kg 018901
BCP3 Hydrant / Valve Post 1230mm 245mm 75mm 26kg 018925
BCP4 Duct Marker Post 1525mm 100mm 100mm 34kg 019083
BCP5 Triangular Field Post 1065mm 100mm 100mm 15kg 019144
BCP6 Hedge Marker Post 915mm 100mm 75mm 13.5kg 019168
BCP7 Hydrant / Valve Post 1370mm 240mm 75mm 31.5kg 019106
BCP8 Hydrant / Valve Post 990mm 240mm 75mm 25kg 019120


Pictured: Anderton Concrete Cable Marker Posts & Cable Covers

Anderton Concrete Cable Marker Posts & Cable Covers

Pictured : Consequences Of Failing To Mark & Identify Location Of Underground Cables. LV Power Cable Strike & Outage Caused By Excavator. 

Underground Cable Damage

Gas Pipeline Marker Posts

Concrete boundary market posts are used at road, rail and river crossings to provide visible warning of the location of underground gas pipework.

In the UK pipeline operators must comply with The Pipeline Safety Regulations, 1996. The Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers have prepared guidelines (IGEM/TD/1) for the identification and marking of high pressure gas pipelines.

The guidelines recommend concrete marker posts are used at field boundaries, crossings and directional changes.

Adobe Concrete Cable Covers & Marker Posts

Adobe HSG47 Avoiding Danger From Underground Services (HSE 3rd Edition 2014)