Centriforce Stokbord Cable Covers

Centriforce Cable CoversCentriforce Cable Covers

Stokbord Cable Protection Tiles for HV Power Cables


Centriforce Stokbord cable covers provide heavy duty, high impact, underground cable protection for fibre optic, low voltage, high voltage (11kV, 22kV, 33kV, 66kV) and extra high voltage (132kV-400kV) power cable networks.

Pictured: Centriforce Stokbord Cable Covers

Stokbord Cable Covers

Stokbord cable covers are also used to protect HVDC interconnector transmission and distribution cables.

Stokbord cable covers are a heavy underground cable protection  manufactured from high impact recycled polyethylene sheet and designed to withstand damage from plant and hand tools.

Stokbord cable covers come as standard with a red background with yellow top tape containing the warning legend " Caution Electric Cable Below ".

Cable covers are fully jointed, laid overlapped and held firm with plastic jointing pegs - a direct replacement for concrete cable covers and steel plate.

Centriforce Stokboard Cable Covers

Stokbord Cable Protection Covers - Benefits

  • Provides clearest warning to third parties
  • Cable covers can be custom made to suit cable trench applications
  • Cable covers can be imprinted with bold warning text and logos

Centriforce Stokboard Cable Covers

Typical Underground Cable Protection

  • 1. Open trench 
  • 2. Place cable duct
  • 3. Pour sand layer
  • 4. Flatten sand layer
  • 5. Lay Stockbord cable covers
  • 6. Joint Stockboard cable covers with pegs
  • 7. Add layer of sand / aggregate
  • 8. Lay cable warning tape and make up to road surface

Stokbord cable covers are available custom printed to DNO specifications including SSE Scottish & Southern Energy, Scottish Power SP Energy Networks, Electricity North West, Northern Powergrid, Western Power Distribution, UK Power Networks and NIE Northern Ireland Electricity - 11kV and 33kV underground cable protection.

Centriforce Stokboard Cable Covers

Video : Centriforce Stockbord Cable Covers Installation


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