Cembre Fork Spade Terminals

Cembre Fork Spade Terminals

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Fork Spade Terminals - Cembre


Cembre PVC insulated fork/spade terminals (red 0.25-1.5sqmm, blue 1.5-2.5sqmm, yellow 4-6sqmm) - installed using Cembre HP3 ratchet crimp tool.

Cembre Specification - PVC Insulated Fork Spade Terminals
The unique funnel shape of PVC sleeve, guarantees total insertion of the conductor strands into the crimp terminal barrel creating a secure, reliable, electrical and mechanical crimped connection. The internal surface of the crimp terminal barrel is rifled to improve contact with conductor strands when crimped and to increase tensile strength.

The “F” range of Cembre crimp terminals offer a wide selection of rings, forks, pins and blades.
Cembre Fork Spade Terminals


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