Cembre High Voltage Copper Cable Splices to 11-33kV

Cembre High Voltage Copper Cable Splices to 11-33kV

Cembre HV Cable Lugs, Crimps & Connectors

HV Cable Splices 11kV-33kV

Cembre MT-GC Copper Cable Splices


Cembre MT range of copper cable splices are designed to joint stranded copper conductors to BS6360 Class 2. The Cembre MT-GC copper through splices are water blocked to prevent migration of oils and greases between conductors when carrying out paper to polymeric transition cable joints.

Cembre MT Copper Cable Splices 11kV-33kV

Cembre HV Copper Splices

Cembre MT-TD and MT-GC series connectors are designed to join conductors in high voltage applications up to 33kV. They are manufactured from high purity copper, annealed and tin plated. Cembre MT-GC copper connectors feature a solid stop which forms a barrier between the two conductors being joined. This prevents the migration of oil or grease, which may be present in one cable, contaminating the other cable.

Cembre MT- TD copper connectors are unblocked and are suitable for joining cables of similar style.


Cembre MT-TD and MT-GC Copper Cable Splices Specifications

MT-GC Reference Number MT-TD Reference Number Conductor Size Dimensions
Øi L

Cembre MT 25-TD 

Cembre MT 25-GC 




Cembre MT 40 S-TD 

Cembre MT 40 S-GC 




Cembre MT 50 R-TD 

Cembre MT 50 R-GC 




Cembre MT 50 S-TD 

Cembre MT 50 S-GC 




Cembre MT 70 S-TD 

Cembre MT 70 S-GC 

70sqmm 11mm 70mm

Cembre MT 95 R-TD 

Cembre MT 95 R-GC 

95sqmm 12mm 80mm

Cembre MT 95 S-TD 

Cembre MT 95 S-GC 

100sqmm 13.5mm 80mm​

Cembre MT 150 R-TD 

Cembre MT 150 R-GC 

150sqmm 15mm 80mm​

Cembre MT 150 S-TD 

Cembre MT 150 S-GC 

160sqmm 16.5mm 80mm​

Cembre MT 200 R-TD 

Cembre MT 200 R-GC 

200sqmm 17mm 100mm​

Cembre MT 240 R-TD 

Cembre MT 240 R-GC 

240sqmm 19.2mm 100mm​

Cembre MT 315 R-TD 

Cembre MT 315 R-GC 

315sqmm 21.5mm 100mm​

Cembre MT 315 S-TD 

Cembre MT 315 S-GC 

315sqmm 23.7mm 100mm​

Cembre MT 400-TD 

400sqmm 27mm 120mm​

Cembre MT 500-TD 

500sqmm 30.3mm 118mm

Cembre MT 630-TD 

630sqmm 33.4mm 130mm

Adobe Cembre 11kV-33kV Copper Splices - Blocked - Cembre MTGC

Adobe Cembre 11kV-33kV Copper Splices - Straight Through - Cembre MT

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Cembre High Voltage Copper Cable Splices to 11-33kV