CATU Head Protection - Face Shields & Helmets

CATU Head ProtectionCATU Head Protection - Face Shields & Helmets

CATU Personal Protective Equipment


CATU face shields provide a protective screen that can be used without a helmet to protect against electric arcs caused by short circuits.

Pictured: CATU Head Protection Helmets & Face Shields

CATU MO-182 ABS HelmetCATU MO-183 Polycarbonate HelmetCATU MO-185 Helmet with Face ShieldCATU MO-186 Face Shield

CATU's head protection helmets and face shields meet a range of EN standards including:

  • EN 166
  • EN 170
  • EN 397 - 440V
  • EN 50365 - 1,000V
  • EN 12492
  • ANSI Z89.1 - 20,000V

CATU' MO-182 ABS helmets are available in standard sizes 53cm to 63cm and in three colours (white, red and yellow) and have an adjustable headband in 3mm increments for the perfect fit.

MO-183 polycarbonate helmets protect against vertical and side impacts and are available in sizes from 53cm to 63cm and in white and red colours.

CATU's MO-185 helmets are available with built-in face shields and are approved for electrical protection against electric arc flash.CATU MO-184 Face Shield

The MO-184 face shield (pictured) can be used independently or alongside the MO-82 helmet for protection against electric short-circuit arcs.

The face shield features an adjustable rubber band and acetate face shield.

CATU Head Protection Helmets - Product Range
Part Ref Colour Weight
CATU MO-182/1-B White 300g
CATU MO-182/1-R Red 300g
CATU MO-182/1-J Yellow 300g
CATU MO-183-BL White 455g
CATU MO-183-RL Red 455g
Part Ref Colour UV Protection
CATU MO-185-BL White 100%
CATU MO-185-R Red 100%
CATU MO-185-J Yellow 100%
CATU MO-185-B Blue 100%

White with Chinstrap with a chin


White with Chinstrap with a chin and M-87384 bag



CATU Head Protection Face Shields - Product Range
Part Ref Description Dimensions Weight
CATU MO-186 Clear face shield

240mm x 325mm

CATU M-881635 Spare face shield for MO-186

240mm x 325mm

CATU M-952206 Spare strap for MO-186 - -


Video - CATU MO-184 Face Shield For Use With MO-182 Helmet

Video: CATU MO-185 Industrial Helmet with Integrated Face Shield 

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