Arcus Electrical Safety Equipment

Arcus Electrical Safety Equipment - Overhead Lines & Switchgear LV HV

Working on or close to low and high voltage electric installations requires protection against arcing and current passing through the body.

These steps and the Arcus devices required for it are significantly depending on the selected working method :

- Work under absence of voltage
- Work near live installation parts
- Work under live conditions
Work under absence of voltage requires complete application of the 5 safety rules. For safe application suitable Arcus devices are required, such as live line testers, earthing and short circuiting devices, insulating plates and mats or moulded insulating articles.

Work near live installation parts takes place outside of danger zones and may also be carried out by untrained workers without any further precautions.

For work under live conditions 3 different working methods are known:
- Work on distance
- Work with insulated gloves
- Equipotential work

Work on distance is carried out with Arcus insulated rods. Arcus operating rods are suitable for contact on live installation parts due to their material properties and length.

When working with insulated gloves live installation parts are contacted directly, the worker is protected by the insulated gloves.

When working on potential the worker is on the same potential as the live installation part and contacts it directly. He is sufficiently insulated against environment (p.e. earth).

Arcus Electrical Safety Equipment:

- Insulated and insulating tools and insulated gloves
- Bridging devices to equalize differences in potential
- Capacitive voltage testers and interface test devices
- Earthing rods and earthing and short circuiting devices with leads or
   bars as short circuit medium
- Operating rods, switching rods and fuse tongs
- Lance earthing devices to earth and short circuit outdoor switchgear
- Earthing and short circuiting devices for underground railways with
   lateral current rail

Adobe Arcus Electrical Safety Equipment